Sheet Metal Bending in Plate Roll

The plate roll is a huge machine used for bending and forming large sheets of sheet metal into various shapes.

One of the main advantages of a plate roll is the ability to make intricate precision patterns and curves in metal plates that would be difficult or impossible to achieve by hand. This is made possible by computer numerical control (CNC) technology, which allows the operator to program the machine with specific instructions on the desired shape, curvature and other factors. Once the program is entered, the machine will automatically modify the plate rolls and positions to produce the desired shape.

The speed at which the roller can be operated is another advantage. Large sheets of sheet metal can be bent and formed using these machines significantly faster than by hand, allowing for higher industrial efficiency and production. In addition, the plate roll is able to produce a finished product with a high degree of uniformity, which is essential for various industries that require a huge number of identical parts.

At MakSteel we have a large enough production and operating area for an innovative precision roller ideal for rapid production line.

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