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Since 1960 we specialize in cutting, forming and welding of metals

MakSteel has been focusing on cutting and forming high quality metals since 1960. Our full-service approach includes all aspects from the design you deliver to us to the shaping and welding of the metal.


We cut metals with the precision and efficiency of laser ! Contact us today for top metal cutting services!


Shape the metal with a straddle (straddle press), scroll and cylinder.


We weld with precision and strength using our specialized metal welding services. Create unparalleled results!

Years of Experience
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MakSteel S.A. is an integrated metal cutting, forming and welding unit

It operates in the metal trading and processing sector and has extensive experience in integrated solutions for the design, laser cutting and forming of plain sheet metal, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminium, hardox and other materials such as plexiglass, MDF and marine tile.

We are upgrading the quality of our services. Enjoy obvious advantages at the best prices!

With us you will find the best prices in the market, flexibility in pricing with win-win solutions and at the same time consistency and fast delivery to your orders!


Discover a wide range of metalworking services organized in Laser Cutting, Shearing, Punching, Angle Cutting, Forming and Welding.


More than 10+ popular metal products as well as plexiglass, plywood and MDF.

Sectors & Customers

Find or adapt ready-made solutions that we have created exclusively for your industry.

Why choose MakSteel

Competitive Advantages

There are many reasons to choose MakSteel. See the most important of them…

High Experience & Know-how

At Maksteel we have developed vast expertise for more than 60 years with a large number of projects.

Flexibility in Costing

Only at Maksteel will you find flexibility in pricing and prices based on the project and not on the "customer".

Accuracy in Produced Product

The final product is what we decided with you according to all the exact specifications given to us!

Consistency with the Timetable

Effective project management is one of our strengths. When others delay, we deliver!

Customer Recommendations

They said about MakSteel

Because the best advertisers are our customers!


Unlock your potential in the fast-growing metal industry!

The metalworking industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for those seeking a challenging and stable working environment. From production and manufacturing to engineering and management, the industry is constantly evolving and looking for people with a variety of skills and expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The delivery time of an order depends on many factors such as the complexity of the product produced, the quantity as well as the individual tasks.

There is no minimum order quantity, we realize orders of one piece up to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Of course! We are waiting for your specifications to give you a complete solution-proposal to your needs send us an email or fill in the Order Form.

We have cooperating transport companies that can transport the products nationwide with guarantee and safety.

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