Crafts for the manufacture of elevetors and lifts

We know that a lift and elevator manufacturing industry today has to face many challenges, some of which include ensuring that its materials comply with strict safety regulations.

In fact, non-compliance can lead to significant delays and fines or worse, accidents.

As a small craft you will have to guarantee your craftsmanship in lifts or elevators which is extremely difficult considering that it requires highly skilled personnel.

What Maksteel can do for you:

Our experienced staff, modern equipment and our highly competitive pricing are among the reasons that make us an excellent choice for craft and industrial elevator and passenger lift companies.

Maksteel can guarantee the correct laser cutting and forming of your steel sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal and a wide range of lift accessories such as:

With us you can build:
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Need help?

we can recommend quality solutions and points where we can help your craft production line!

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